Concept Development and Detailed Design. CSME’s reputable team of extensively experienced design engineers work closely with our clients/consultants from the conceptual stage through to the detailed design. We pride ourselves as a provider of client specific, technically sound and smart designs to ensure the following operations run seamlessly.Our engineering design caters for:

a. Single generator sets.
b. Multiple-generator sets paralleling.
c. Low voltage to medium voltage.
d. Emergency standby.
e. Prime power.
f. 3D AutoCAD.

Our design engineers have extensive software experience in 3D AutoCAD. In-house drafting work specializes in;

a. Weather/ Sound-proof generator housings
b. Remote Radiator Installations
c. Intricate Underground Fuel Systems
d. Exhaust System Attenuation and Pipe Runs
e. Engine Alternator Coupling
f. High G-Force Mounting